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Liên hệ : 0243.99.88.282
■Hollow fiber membrane modules for special customer
We have been manufacturing and developping many kinds of the filters for our brand goods.
And we have also been providing a lot of special designed filter modules for the major kitchen manufacturers by their brands.

We can supply various kinds of hollowfiber materials for various customers usages.
We can provide various shape of madules according to the purpose.
We will flexibly respond to the various customer needs.
■Our provide item
①For filtration of water
②For filtration of non-active gas
③Dehumidification of gas
④Degassing membrane
①For filtration of water
We have prepared the following specification of modules for the water purpose..
These hollow fiber materials are PP・PES・PS.  The modules are potted by the urethane. 
Generally, PES and PS are used in a small module and PP is used for a large-scale module. 
e.g. Water purifier
②Filtration of non-active gas
We are producing various sizes of modules for air. 
The filtration accuracy is 0.01μm. 
e.g. For filtration of commpressed air
③Dehumidification of gas
We offer the module to remove the water vapor from the compressed air mainly.
 e.g. For Laser equipment
④Degassing membrane
We offer the module to remove the gas from the liquid.
 e.g. Filtration of pure water of semicondoctor

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